3D-Coat 4.8.32 full license
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3D-Coat 4.8.32 full license
Description: 3D-Coat software to design three-dimensional objects and characters. It supports all the tools needed to design a variety of three-dimensional models simple and complex is, no matter what the texture look like or what level you want to create, it provides all the tools needed to do this for you provided Is. The software is now used in more than 170 schools and universities worldwide teaching. 3D Coat models created in layers of management, and thus the possibility to change the different layers separately and simply provides that after a full design model, if, for example, need to change the texture of some part of you, the layer you go and change your relevant to your actions.
Features and 3D-Coat:
Real-time scene rendering by HDRL
Smart materials and customization with adjustable high
Layered model painted in several layers separate, Blending layers and the ability to group layers
Very good interaction with Adobe Photoshop (image editing)
The possibility of using texture or tissue up to 16k
Calculation and fast processing
A rich set of tools for all types of painting and …
The absence of limitations on the design topology inanimate objects and sculptures
Complex Boolean operations
Boolean operations on the edges of work
Automatically build a user-defined topology edges Hmarah
Ability to import meshes reference by the topology re
The possibility of grouping Retopo in different colors for better management
Very broad and flexible settings
Support for multiple sets of UV set
Support Agvrytmhay ABF, LSCM and …
Easy to use, fast and fun

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