ANSYS Discovery Live Ultimate 2019 R1 full license
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Download ANSYS Discovery Live Ultimate 2019 R1 Win64 full license
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ANSYS Discovery Live Ultimate 2019 R1 full license

ANSYS Discovery Live Ultimate 2019 R1 full

ANSYS Discovery Live Ultimate 2019 R1 x64
Description: ANSYS Discovery Ultimate includes three modules:
ANSYS Discovery AIM
ANSYS Discovery Live
ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim
Discovery AIM
ANSYS Discovery AIM is a simple and affordable tool for multidisciplinary engineering calculations. Using ANSYS AIM, any engineer can quickly and with high accuracy perform calculations and evaluate the reliability and characteristics of the designed product.
Workflow templates:
ANSYS AIM offers the user an intuitive user interface for quickly setting and solving problems in the early stages of the design process. In the interface you will find ready-made templates for modeling processes, detailed visual tips and instructions.
Built-in geometry editor:
ANSYS AIM integrates the technology of direct 3D geometry modeling ANSYS SpaceClaim, which allows you to quickly create, edit and correct geometry. You can import and edit geometry from any CAD system and quickly prepare it for calculation.
Modeling technologies:
ANSYS AIM is based on ANSYS technologies applied at all stages of modeling. They provide the ability to solve problems of fluid and gas flow, dynamics and strength, thermal and electromagnetic processes and link in the calculation of all physical disciplines among themselves.
Design and optimization:
ANSYS AIM includes the optimization technology ANSYS DesignXplorer, which allows you to explore the design response to loads and conditions in the parameter space. This helps to make informed design decisions, to reduce weight, to carry out the detuning of the structure from the resonance.
Custom applications:
ANSYS AIM includes action logging, Python scripting, and custom templates. This allows you to customize and repeatedly apply the best engineering techniques in the modeling process.
ANSYS AIM and the rest of ANSYS products use the same solvers and data formats. Design engineers and professional accountants can work closely with each other to perform more detailed studies.
Discovery live
ANSYS Discovery live is a new interdisciplinary platform that allows engineers to instantly create virtual prototypes of their structures directly from solid-state models. ANSYS developers have combined the experience gained in the process of creating advanced solvers, allowing you to use graphics cores of graphics cards (GPU), direct geometric modeling (SpaceClaim) and some additional things necessary for discretization. All this is integrated into ANSYS SpaceClaim and forms a software product called ANSYS Discovery live.
Immediately after the geometric model is imported into ANSYS Discovery live, you determine what type of analysis is needed, specify the boundary conditions, and ANSYS Discovery live immediately starts the calculation and it all happens on the fly. Simplification of the model, the construction of the grid, the launch of the task on the account and the display of results is performed automatically. It may take only a few seconds to get a solution that has come together and after that you will have a fairly good approximation that will help you understand how your design works.
ANSYS Discovery live does not replace ANSYS Mechanical, FLUENT or HFSS. This tool allows design engineers with little experience in performing numerical simulations to perform a quick “what if …” analysis during the design process and explore many options for evaluating performance
The ANSYS product is unique in that it: 1) allows you to solve various physics using a GPU and 2) is fully integrated into SpaceClaim, allowing you to perform direct geometric modeling. The third and important point is that Discovery Live is a product of ANSYS and this means that technical support will be provided for it at a sufficiently high level.
Unlike classic ANSYS products, modeling in Discovery Live takes much less time allowing you to explore the model literally on the fly. This really changes the modeling, because now we can quickly change the model’s geometry, boundary conditions and understand how the structure behaves at the beginning of the design process.
Discovery SpaceClaim
Discovery SpaceClaim is a three-dimensional design tool that turns computer modeling into a convenient and fascinating process.
The convenience of use:
Discover the most convenient and easy-to-learn CAD tool. Discovery SpaceClaim allows you to create and modify any 3D-files with the speed of thought. You will be free from the conventions of traditional conceptual modeling and will be able to focus on the creative, rather than on the technical component of the process.
Work speed:
With Discovery SpaceClaim, you can create, modify, and recreate 3D-CAD or faceted geometry. Share your ideas with customers, development engineers, CAE analysts, team members and manufacturers. Import and integrate any geometry (obtained from suppliers, from an internal library or online resources) into a single modeling environment.
Flexibility and versatility:
Regardless of the task of modeling or learning, the unique Discovery SpaceClaim toolkit allows you to create approximate models, technical projects, or reduce 3D data created in other CAD systems. The same tools will help you prepare models for production, modeling, and 3D printing, or recreate the facet / STL geometry for later use.

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