ANSYS optiSLang in Ansys
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ANSYS optiSLang in Ansys<br />
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ANSYS optiSLang full
System requirements: optiSLang Standalone&gt; Win / Linux 64-bit<br />
optiSLang ANSYS Win64 plugin&gt; ANSYS 15.0-19.3 (2019R1) Win64<br />
optiSLang ANSYS Linux64 plugin&gt; ANSYS 15.0-19.2 Linux64<br />
optiSLang plugin for MS Excel&gt; MS Excel 2007 and above<br />
Description: DYNARDO optiSLang is a software solution for assessing sensitivity, multicriteria and multidisciplinary optimization, analysis of operational reliability and fault tolerance.<br />
Distinctive features of the program are effective automation of calculations, a wide range of data analysis methods, a large verification base.<br />
Add. Information: From installers release can be installed<br />
1. optiSLang Standalone Win / Linux 64-bit<br />
2. optiSLang plugin for ANSYS 15.0-19.3 (2019R1) Win64<br />
3. optiSLang plugin for ANSYS 15.0-19.2) Linux64<br />
3. optiSLang plugin for MS Excel 2007+<br />
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