Willmer Project Tracker full cracked
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Willmer Project Tracker full cracked

Willmer Project Tracker full
Description: Tracker Project , the name of the application in the field of planning and managing your projects are just curves Willmer product groups. With the help of this software you will be able to achieve effective and efficient management of your project. To achieve effective and efficient management you will need a plan that can help this product. In fact, the simplest and most obvious application before you start to see how a project is progressing. The software is also able to provide detailed reports to help you succeed too slow.
Project Tracker software you will be able to based on different parameters such as time, cost or resource apply to create curves. The software is able to analyze very detailed curves you proceed very carefully. The dashboard software in a graphical environment and at a glance helps you to evaluate your progress. The software is also able to deliver the quality reports.
The other features of this product can be easily pointed to the creation of S curves. You need to create your charts and you will not be difficult to do by taking a few simple steps ahead will see the curve of your mind. Also view the Gantt charts of the S curve below is provided to you. You can also filter your tasks and projects and curves will be.
Features and Project Tracker
Use simple and effortless to work with the software for all is possible
A simple way to view the progress of a project
Ability to analyze your projects with advanced management capabilities
Full reports about production values ​​of your project
Benefit from a very friendly graphical dashboard that simplifies the work for you
Filter graph-based portfolio, project and WBS
Text to Chart Tools Add text to curves
The possibility of storing information in the form of xml files
Benefit from the ability to share data and information stored in your

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